Portraits of Moroccan designers: serving nature first!

Eco-friendly, innovative and very design, the Moroccan art scene is full of creations highlighting the Amazigh and Maghreb culture. Versed in vintage and contemporary, let’s find out more about a Moroccan designer who managed to integrate African vibes to the worldwide fashion scene.


Sofia EL ARABI’s got your back!

As a recycling expert, Sofia EL ARABI puts environment in the heart of her creation ideas. By adopting an ethics-based approach, she uses and reuses materials which, originally, were destined to waste bins. For Sofia, producing sustainable creations with an eco-friendly approach is a responsibility. It’s an ideology that she wants to share and implement by setting up waste sorting and recycling processes while working hand in hand with local cooperatives. Under “Bakchic”, her ready-to-wear brand, she aims to rethink fashion and the creative world with the aim of making these gestures a part of the daily life of each and every citizen.


Discover more on: www.bakchic.com