Canopy by Hilton, next-generation hotel industry

Canopy by Hilton is entering Casablanca’s Arena. Imbued in Joie De Vivre and optimism, Canopy hotel holds the promise of unparalleled stays during which guests can still enjoy the local culture.

Canopy Casablanca is a bold scheme hatched by the ingenious Jawad EL MESMOUDI, Nihad BERBEROVIĆ and Yasmine EL KASRI, three rising architects with a history of groundbreaking projects that transformed the landscape of Casablanca. Canopy is to this date, their finest and most significant piece.

Designer Jean-Philippe NUEL, a renowned figure in the world of interior design, and TP BENNETT international studio, known for its emblematic projects (Google headquarters…), are also part of the adventure.

This pool of world-class talent is the cradle of The Metropolitan. It strives to offer a modern, urban and trendy landmark that captures the city’s true essence and entrances the visitor with its heritage, plurality and vibrancy.